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Studio 137 and The Town Square Cafe

Situated in the heart of the National Register Historic District of Woodville, one of the oldest and once the third largest city in Mississippi, Woodville Lofts & Studios offers spacious, finely-detailed restorations - historically authentic, but with contemporary fixtures and flare – for living, working and enjoying. It returns creative energy to a once illustrious downtown; and with its new balconies, adds a touch of the architecture of New Orleans’ French Quarter to this distinctive Southern community.

Over $1.0 million was expended in the twenty-seven months of rehabilitation.

The work adheres to the Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties of the U. S. Secretary of the Interior, as well as Mississippi’s own Department of Archives & History.

Mentions & Accolades

The project has transformed three downtown Woodville landmarks: the Woodville Hotel, an 11,000 sq. ft. building situated on the East side of the town square; the adjoining former Cumbo Store at 155 Boston Row; and across the town square, the former shop and office building at 222 Royal Oak. All were originally 19th C. commercial buildings. Second floor sleeping rooms were added to the hotel building in the first quarter of the 20th Century.


The commercial spaces have been restored as office, live-work, Studio 137 and the Town Square Café. The hotel rooms above have been converted into seven apartments, complete with Whirlpool appliances. All units are offered either furnished or unfurnished, long or short term, with all utilities including wi fi and HBO cable. The owners make their Woodville home in one of the upstairs apartments.


Generous balconies, some private, one shared, have been added at the rear of the former hotel building. Below them are a rear entrance, extensive patios paved with brick, a fountain, on-site parking, porches, storage and landscaping. The live-work unit at 155 features a second entrance, deck and private parking at the rear.

The overall layout for the project is the work of Natchez-based Architect Amelia Salmon. Michael J. Bailey, Structural Engineer of New Orleans, designed the supports for the new balcony. The built-out details were supplied by Michael Moore and Kevin Wheat, assisted by Danny Brady and Carlos Quevedo. Mike and Kevin are two of the finest carpenters-craftsmen of South-Western Mississippi. The ingenuity and precision of their work is evident throughout!

Woodville Lofts & Studios is the creation of James G. Derbes and Jan W. Katz, husband and wife, both originally from New Orleans, who fell in love with Woodville after Hurricane Katrina. Jan and Jim experience Woodville as an authentic Southern town with architectural and cultural roots dating from the 19th Century - nurtured and cherished by generations of local residents whose forbearers settled here and stayed.

About Jan & Jim

Woodville Lofts & Studios offers a quiet, relaxed lifestyle in a safe and secure environment – live-in studios/galleries or a country retreat, second home or primary residence – on the town square.